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Multi-entity management
Artikel-Nr. 1002
Control multiple legal entities from a single company view.
Label design & printing
Artikel-Nr. 1056
Labeling right out of the box.
Generating, sending and signing documents
Artikel-Nr. 1055
Generating, sending and signing documents.
Encrypt emails and documents
Artikel-Nr. 1054
Encrypt and send emails and documents directly out of D365BC.
Audit File FAIA Localization for Luxembourg
Artikel-Nr. 1053
Be compliant with the requirements of the local tax authority.
Bank statements processing
Artikel-Nr. 1052
Easily import bank statements and payment advices with automatic application of open entries.
Analytics dashboard
Artikel-Nr. 1051
BI to visualize insights, trends and forecasts of retail business.
Cloud Partner Panel
Artikel-Nr. 1057
Managing Dynamics 365 and Power Apps implementations .
Sharepoint integration
Artikel-Nr. 1050
Communication tool linking Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft SharePoint.
Item planning
Artikel-Nr. 1048
Accurate answers regarding delivery time and delivery quantities.