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Standard reports
Artikel-Nr. 1014
Get started quickly with a set of standard reports.
Report designer
Artikel-Nr. 1015
Easy-to-use tool for creating and modifying reports.
Report converter
Artikel-Nr. 1016
Convert C/SIDE reports to the RDLC format.
Advanced forms
Artikel-Nr. 1026
Easy and flexible document creation, distribution and archiving.
Navigate through documents
Artikel-Nr. 1043
Interactive flow overview of documents.
Sales and administration management
Artikel-Nr. 1066
Sales and administration management optimizations.
Solgari’s All - Channel Communications
Artikel-Nr. 1110
Delivering on all communication requirements: customer care, sales, marketing, surveys & automation.
Audite Cloud
Artikel-Nr. 1111
Audite Cloud is the unified messaging platform that tranforms any Microsoft PowerApp into a powerful, fast and easy-to-use Unified Chat Center that allows you to run your global customers’ messaging conversations in a single place.