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Subscription billing
Artikel-Nr. 1003
Consistent and reliable invoicing for a wide range of pricing models.
Powerblox Transport Connector DHL
Artikel-Nr. 1102
Register DHL shipments and print from within Business Central, instead of in the software of DHL
Powerblox Rental Management
Artikel-Nr. 1101
Manage all your internal and external rental activities
Powerblox Time Registrations
Artikel-Nr. 1100
Allow your employees to track their time per customer, job, and task minute-by-minute
Powerblox Quality Tests
Artikel-Nr. 1098
Manage your quality tests for all internal processes (reception, production, assembly, shipment, …)
Powerblox Production
Artikel-Nr. 1097
Get a clear overview of all planned assembly and production processes (machines, personnel, …)
Powerblox Payment Terminal
Artikel-Nr. 1096
Integrate in-store Worldline debit card and credit card payments with Business Central
Powerblox Output Management
Artikel-Nr. 1095
Customize document layouts and use advanced e-mail automation
Powerblox Nutrition Facts
Artikel-Nr. 1094
Calculate and manage your item ingredients and nutritional values
Powerblox Multi Discounts
Artikel-Nr. 1093
Apply complex pricing and discount strategies on your sales and purchase prices