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Multi-entity management
Artikel-Nr. 1002
Control multiple legal entities from a single company view.
Powerblox Payment Terminal
Artikel-Nr. 1096
Integrate in-store Worldline debit card and credit card payments with Business Central
Powerblox Output Management
Artikel-Nr. 1095
Customize document layouts and use advanced e-mail automation
Powerblox Nutrition Facts
Artikel-Nr. 1094
Calculate and manage your item ingredients and nutritional values
Powerblox Multi Discounts
Artikel-Nr. 1093
Apply complex pricing and discount strategies on your sales and purchase prices
Powerblox Master Data
Artikel-Nr. 1092
Centralise management of master data and synchronise all data between your multiple Business Central companies
Powerblox Logistic Units
Artikel-Nr. 1091
Manage your stock on logistic unit level (pallet, container, …)
Powerblox Flexible Item Import
Artikel-Nr. 1090
Easily import vendor catalogues (excel) and keep your pricing and all item details up to date automatically
Powerblox Lifecycle Management
Artikel-Nr. 1089
Add a lifecycle status to items, customers and vendors and use it in sales, purchase and all other transactions
Powerblox Extended Attributes Management
Artikel-Nr. 1087
Easily assign attributes to Customers, Vendors, Contacts, Jobs, and Resources.
Powerblox Complaints
Artikel-Nr. 1086
Register and follow-up your Complaints and Non-Conformities in Business Central
Powerblox Cash Register Lite
Artikel-Nr. 1085
Operate your POS module from within Business Central, define different cash registers, and monitor all your cash drawers
Powerblox Advanced Contact Management
Artikel-Nr. 1084
Extend your contact list with related companies to implement an affiliated company or holding structure
Braintree Billing and Subscription Management
Artikel-Nr. 1082
Manage your subscription-based annuity income businesses.
StoreFront by Braintree
Artikel-Nr. 1081
Ecommerce platform powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
Powerblox Multi Item Grouping
Artikel-Nr. 1080
Search and find items quicker with improved visibility of grouped items
CKL Inventory
Artikel-Nr. 1077
Financial ledger reconciliation with actual current stock values
CKL Costing Method
Artikel-Nr. 1076
Make subsequent costing method changes