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Standard reports
Artikel-Nr. 1014
Get started quickly with a set of standard reports.
Connector 365 Mail Subject Plus
Artikel-Nr. 1127
Customize your subject line with placeholders
Connector 365 E-POST
Artikel-Nr. 1125
Use the Connector 365 E-POST to send documents while saving time and manpower
Connector 365 CTI for STARFACE
Artikel-Nr. 1124
Connect your Microsoft 365 Business Central environment with your STARFACE CTI solution.
Connector 365 Mail Attachments Plus
Artikel-Nr. 1123
Enhance and expand your mail attachments with additional and default attachments.
Pimics - Allium
Artikel-Nr. 1118
Build up the Single Point of Truth for your product data in your ERP. Import data from your suppliers, enrich it using PIMICS and synchronize it with your marketing & sales channels.
Touchdown - Marketing solution
Artikel-Nr. 1116
Marketing automation integrated within Dynamics 365 and Powerapps platform
Dynamics 365 Business Central - Sales Analytics Standard
Artikel-Nr. 1113
Sales Analytics delivers a rich set of Power BI Dashboards and Reports.
Solgari’s All - Channel Communications
Artikel-Nr. 1110
Delivering on all communication requirements: customer care, sales, marketing, surveys & automation.