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Multi-entity management
Item No. 1002
Control multiple legal entities from a single company view.
Powerblox Payment Terminal
Item No. 1096
Integrate in-store Worldline debit card and credit card payments with Business Central
Powerblox Output Management
Item No. 1095
Customize document layouts and use advanced e-mail automation
Powerblox Nutrition Facts
Item No. 1094
Calculate and manage your item ingredients and nutritional values
Powerblox Multi Discounts
Item No. 1093
Apply complex pricing and discount strategies on your sales and purchase prices
Powerblox Master Data
Item No. 1092
Centralise management of master data and synchronise all data between your multiple Business Central companies
Powerblox Logistic Units
Item No. 1091
Manage your stock on logistic unit level (pallet, container, …)
Powerblox Flexible Item Import
Item No. 1090
Easily import vendor catalogues (excel) and keep your pricing and all item details up to date automatically
Powerblox Lifecycle Management
Item No. 1089
Add a lifecycle status to items, customers and vendors and use it in sales, purchase and all other transactions
Powerblox Extended Attributes Management
Item No. 1087
Easily assign attributes to Customers, Vendors, Contacts, Jobs, and Resources.